Located in Concord, CA. Chartered by St. Bonaventure Church.
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Webelos Open House
January 29, 2013


Important Dates — Mark Your Calendars:
Webelos Skills Camp — TBA, 2011 | Camp Wolfeboro — TBA, 2012 | Trooperee — TBA, 2012

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We are a high-adventure troop that loves to go on all sorts of trips. Often, we have fun trips such as canoeing over the delta, hiking up Mt. Diablo, or just taking a biking trip around Napa Valley. We have great leaders who strengthen and show much support to the troop. The troop also has a friendly atmosphere where you can meet and talk with other scouts. We are very good towards rank advancement and earning merit badges in a friendly manner. All new scouts are welcome to enjoy and cherish our great troop!

We meet at St. Bonaventure Catholic Community Church every Tuesday at 7:30pm (with exceptions). Troop 444 has been chartered by St. Bonaventure's since 1969.

April 18, 2011 - Top Honors in Muir District 2010 Trails-End Popcorn Selling Campaign
Troop 444 won the award for best selling Troop in the Muir District and second place in the Council for all Troops! Thanks to all of the Scouts for their dedication towards selling popcorn and supporting not only Troop 444, but their own efforts in paying for trips such as Camp Wolfeboro in June and the Whitewater Canoe Camp in July. The same goes to all of our parent volunteers, especially Mrs. Henderson, in making this past Trail-End popcorn selling season a great success!

You can view and print the certificate here.

October 5, 2010 - Official Release!
The time is here for the official release!
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